How To Write An Informative Essay


Searching for a guide on how to write an informative essay? You’ve come to the right place. Our site exists to help students looking for help with various topics in academia and does so expertly. To understand more about this essay genre, informative essay examples, and our services in relation, please keep reading.

What Is An Informative Essay?

An informative essay refers to an essay genre that educates a reader on a topic. It may also present interesting facts, and readers expect to learn something from them. They serve different purposes: 

  • to define: an audience may like clarity on a certain term; hence they may provide more context on a topic
  • compare and contrast: involves analysis of the similarities and differences of a topic
  • analyze: looks at data and extracts insights on a topic which is then presented to a reader
  • to describe a process: offers information on how to conduct a process

However, they are not persuasive and will not present the writer’s opinion on the topic. They also do not invoke a call to action.

How To Write An Informative Essay

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Informative Essay Topic Examples

The following are some informative essay topics you can utilize:

  • The role of water in our lives
  • How to raise a well-behaved pet
  • How to handle stress in college
  • Discuss veganism as a concept
  • Unusual political systems
  • Cyberbullying on the internet
  • How color influences moods
  • Video games and their impact on players
  • Different sports and how to play them

How Do You Write An Informative Essay Step by Step?

Many students wonder if different essay genres mean that they have to change the format, but this is not true. To handle an informative essay, one should follow the following informative essay outline, which allows a logical flow of points:

1. Introduction

Begin with a sentence to introduce the topic, some more with evidence to support the point, and finally, a thesis statement. An example of an informative introductory paragraph would look like this:

“Currently, the medical system is faced with several issues such as high costs that have limited many people’s access to care. According to the NIH (2019), as the costs of living increase more people have limited access to healthcare thus leading to premature deaths and an increase in the black market drug trade. Other experts at the NSC (2020) also found that thousands of Americans are dying due to opioid overdoses, leading to a crisis that the public health sector has an issue controlling. According to Pena (2019), the number of people dying from these drug overdoses is rising exponentially, hence the issue is a cause for concern. The solution to the opioid epidemic is to lower the costs of healthcare likely through more tax revenue being dedicated to this sector to ensure that patients facing financial challenges can access quality care to lessen their suffering.”

2. First clause

This part of the informative essay outline will form the first paragraph of the essay and will introduce the first cause and supporting evidence that provides more context on the topic. A first clause paragraph example would look like this:

“A major cause of the opioid crisis is the genetic disposition to addiction and ease of access. Brown (2020) explained that people with a family history of addiction are likely to get caught up with a drug of their choice. Perez (2019) also states that exposure to drugs also contributes to addiction and develops into a higher tolerance so the individual is likely to keep searching for stronger drugs, which leads them to opiates. This is especially true for those looking for pain relief. Even worse, research from Lorenzo (2021) shows that aggressive marketing campaigns by pharmaceutical firms and low costs on average of these drugs are helping these vulnerable populations access them much easier.”

3. Second clause

Similar to the other first clause paragraphs, one should list a cause related to the topic and present evidence to educate the reader. The following is an example paragraph:

“Poverty is another cause of the opioid crisis. As the cost-of-living increases, more people have trouble accessing insurance services, which are a better option than paying out of pocket according to research from Perez (2019). This leads them to black market traders who often sell poor quality medication that often leads to complications. Once the cycle of addiction sets in for vulnerable people, the effects of poverty worsen their problems since they will also have to spend money to finance their addiction as proven by Lorenzo (2021). According to Brown (2020), the government should implement measures to help curb the high costs of living since access to healthy food also affects the population’s health.”

4. Third clause

This paragraph resembles the previous one. Depending on the length of the paper, you may have more points to develop hence the need for additional paragraphs, which you can include after this one. Below is an example:

“Another determining factor is being in a high-risk environment. The modern world is plagued with several issues such as insecurity due to population growth and increasing poverty (Peres, 2020). Due to this, many are at risk and reside in poor environments with access to drugs such as opioids. For these reasons, Lorenzo (2021) states that the opioid crisis is a result of various structural inefficiencies that affect individuals, leading them down a path of destruction. As such, it is important to focus on these issues that affect their ability to access quality healthcare. The government should allocate more resources to resolve high costs of healthcare.”

5. Conclusion

In this section, one is supposed to present a summary of the points made. It wraps up all these points as well as the evidence discussed, thus leaving the reader with more to think about. Please note that you may also use different approaches for this stage, which are outlined in our article for 100 best conclusion paragraph starters for college essays. For anyone wondering how to write an informative essay conclusion, an example would look something like this:

“In summary, the opioid crisis in America is claiming many lives and is expected to increase rapidly in the years to come. The issue is caused by structural problems such as an increase in the number of high-risk environments, poverty, and a genetic disposition to drug addiction. Some of the solutions that can be implemented include allocating more tax revenue to healthcare in a bid to lower costs and improving access to social programs that limit chances of addiction and other antisocial behaviors. However, this is easier said than done and may require the input of several governmental bodies.”

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Tips On How To Write An Informative Essay            

To craft a perfect essay, one needs to be aware of various tips that can ease their work while also helping one stand out. These include but are not limited to:

  • Brainstorm: conduct research on the various topic ideas that have enough sources to rest your arguments on, and also think of what would most interest your reader. Since this may take a while, it is important to have a specific niche in mind and focus on that area.
  • Think up a good thesis statement: a thesis statement refers to the last sentence in the introductory paragraph that explains what the essay is about. It also shows why the topic is important to the reader. 
  • Form a draft: this involves writing down the original questions, and your essay will answer and handle each in paragraphs. You can also provide examples to reinforce the point. For example, when writing an informative essay on how to use a lawnmower, one may begin by defining a lawnmower, how to start it, and how to fix minor issues it may face.                                                                                      
  • Perform extensive research: to write a good informative essay, one needs to include quality and insightful data that get your readers thinking. This also calls for the writer to explore controversial points and present information on them to show how they are related.
  • Connect ideas with transitions: transitions help the reader connect ideas and show how they are related, thus connecting paragraphs smoothly. They are also known as connecting or linking words and include specific phrases like as a result, even so, on the other hand, in spite of that, in addition, finally, furthermore, besides, again, and many more.
  • Edit: once your draft is complete, go through it and see if the points flow logically and if there are any grammatical errors before you send the final copy. This also provides you with the chance to add some points that would help improve your essay.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I tell if my informative essay is good?

A good informative essay should be intriguing and offer new insights on the topic. Simply put, the informative essay should offer new information to readers.

2. Does an informative essay really need a conclusion?

Yes, it should have one to summarize the main points made and offer food for thought. For example, an essay on how to use a microwave may advise the reader to look out for advanced models that can help them save on electricity costs.

3. What are the main traits of an informational essay? 

One should be sure to emphasize facts on the topic, make observations, and take note of others’ experiences.

4. When are informative essays written?

Informative writing is used in newspapers, journal articles, textbooks, conference papers, magazines, and more. As such, informative writing is common.


In brief, an informative essay is one that seeks to educate on a particular topic. This genre also seeks to analyze data, compare and contrast, describe a process, and define a term. Just like other genres, it utilizes an introduction, body, and conclusion structure, with the body having several paragraphs to address various supporting points. One may also employ tips to enhance your essay, such as using transitional sentences to connect your ideas. 

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How To Write An Informative Essay

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