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What Is A Thesis?

A thesis refers to a presentation project used by learners to demonstrate how much they have learned over a certain time period. It marks the end of one’s Master's studies and allows the learner to progress to the Ph.D. level. 

Usually, it is 10-20 pages in length but can extend to 50 pages in some cases. This is because the paragraphs and chapters can extend depending on the subject matter leading to longer thesis projects. 

How To Write A Thesis?

Most thesis projects require certain styling elements such as Times New Roman font in size 12 test. Issues such as spacing are dependent on your instructor’s preferences. However, as the best Ph.D. thesis writing services experts, we would advise you to abide by these basic rules and structures for writing a good thesis.

1.     Write a proposal

This document details what is to be studied in the thesis, the research plan, the timeline, and the steps leading up to the study’s result. Your instructor will then read through this document and approve it before you can proceed with your thesis project. Simply put, it is a blueprint for your thesis, and a guide on how to complete it can be found here.

2.     Title page and table of contents

The title will introduce a reader to your thesis and will have the topic, your name, institution, and degree program, among other identifiable details. The table of contents will act as a guideline and provide page numbers that direct readers to specific sections of the thesis.

3.     Form an abstract

This is a brief summary of your research paper. It is not an excerpt from the work and simply presents all major points to a reader. An abstract should not go beyond 250 words but should be self-contained, with no external references used.

4.     Chapter 1: Overview

As the introduction, it is usually brief and to the point, with 4 or 5 pages. It describes the topic, theoretical framework utilized, research problem, concepts analyzed, aims of the study, and a brief description of technical terms used.

5.     Chapter 2: Background and goals

The background allows readers to understand the context of the thesis by presenting already-known information that will inform your research. It also outlines some goals the research aims to achieve in around 5-6 pages. 

6.     Chapter 3: Literature review

Some students find this chapter to be the most taxing, as it requires deep research from reputable sources. It is often the lengthiest chapter, and sometimes ten pages may not exhaust your points. You are free to use online sources or published books as long as they are reliable. A good literature review analyzes the concepts in detail, then presents the gap which will direct your study. You can also choose to identify contradictions and research them to identify what side is correct. 

7.     Chapter 4: Data collection methods

As a researcher and thesis writer, you have access to several research methodologies depending on the topic. Natural and social science topics usually use quantitative methods, while qualitative methods are preferred in humanities. You will choose one and then delve into the different methods each provides that are relevant to your study. This section could extend to 8 or 10 pages and will help readers see the results and understand your point of view.

8.     Chapter 5: Results

Once your research is complete, you can use this chapter to present your results or place an order with us to help. This is because data analysis can be challenging, and you should avoid the risk of misinterpreting data. Sometimes, data is layered, and you need to spend hours analyzing trends to find concrete proof that proves your hypothesis. Generally, it is capped at 8 or 10 pages, depending on the topic's complexity.

9.     Chapter 6: Conclusion

This section allows you to present your key findings that answer the research question, thus answering what the study contributed and also suggesting future research to enhance the topic. As such, it references the research questions put forth in the preceding chapters. While this chapter is vital, it should stay within 10 or 12 pages.

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10.  Chapter 7: Discussion

At this point, you can reflect on the implication of your findings. As such, you are allowed to realistically speculate on what your study will influence in the future. You can also speak on the limitations faced, such as time constraints, hard to assess a specific cause in some circumstances, quantitative results that are hard to quantify, and little finances. Usually, this section takes up 8 or 10 pages, as it just offers closure on the topic.

11.  References

Similar to other academic papers, you should list all the external sources that support your arguments here. Depending on your discipline, you may be required to present them in the style of APA, MLA, ASA, IEEE, Harvard, Chicago, or any other citation method your instructor prefers. However, most of them are arranged in alphabetical order with details such as author, publication date, title, and link, if any.

12.  Figures

Use this section to present tables and charts made with data sourced from your research. 

13.  Appendix

In this section, you can detail supplementary data such as pictures, raw data from the research, surveys used, maps, and any other items that contribute to the thesis.

Tips To Improve Your Thesis

While most people may simply direct you to a thesis structure to guide you on how to write this project, you can still benefit from additional tips that enhance your work. Our master thesis writing service would advise you to apply the following in your work:

1.     Start early

While this may seem obvious, a thesis is a long and strenuous project. Having enough time before submission means that you can invest it in quality research and analysis, which heavily contribute to your success. Additionally, you avoid last-minute rushes that can lead to a poor-quality document. You will also have sufficient time to check for errors, thus improving the overall quality of your work.

2.     Finish with your abstract

At times, you may not have an idea what direction your study will take. As such, while the abstract may appear in the first sections, you are better off writing it last since, at that point, you will know what points best summarize your work.

3.     An outline is necessary

While a thesis paper is long and research may not have been done yet, it is important to form an outline as it organizes your thoughts and helps you brainstorm on clever points to use. 

4.     Be prepared for corrections.

By the time you finish your paper, you will have dedicated several hours to it. However, it may seem faulty in your first reader’s eyes, so you may be requested to make some changes. While students feel frustrated by this, it is important to understand that a certain level of expertise is required of you at a Master’s level hence the reviews.

5.     Use a brief title that answers the question.

A title draws readers in and provides a brief look at the topic. As such, it can help to provide an answer. For example, in a thesis where you examine the negative effects of processed foods on young children, you can title it: Physical Health Problems Caused By Processed Foods As Observed In Pre-Pubescent Children. This implies that children indeed go through health problems caused by their diet and piques the readers’ interest.

6.     Seek advice from peers

Your peers can enhance your learning since they can offer a different perspective on issues. Seek their opinion on issues you feel stuck with, such as the best title from among many chosen or the approach to take when investigating an issue. This is also important as it can open your mind to explore new ideas you may not have considered.

Can You Hire Someone To Do Your Thesis?

Yes. There exist many online platforms and thesis writer freelance sites that offer help. This is because some students have several responsibilities and hence cannot spare enough time to properly handle this project. Others lack the proper skills and still want to get a good grade, so they bank on the best Ph.D. thesis writing services, which we rank highly. But with so many scammers around, how do you know you can trust us with your thesis project? Well, this is because we offer several unique guarantees that set us apart from other similar thesis writing help service providers. Please keep reading to find out in detail.

Where Can You Find The Best Master Thesis Writing Service Online?

Right here! As a well-known brand, we offer quality that others do not. These include guarantees such as:

1.     Best Prices

We offer competitive pricing compared to other online thesis writing services. This is because we have many repeat clients and hence can rely on a larger customer base. Moreover, we have a bidding system that allows you to state your budget, and a writer who is comfortable with that price can place a bid.

2.     Plagiarism reports

As an academic, you are aware that plagiarism is a serious offense that can lead many to question your capabilities and punishment by the institution. As such, we offer Turnitin reports with all our papers. This is vital since other service providers may reuse papers that will trigger plagiarism detectors only for you to find out after submission, which can affect your chances of passing. However, when you order with us, this is not a worry for you.

3.     Professionalism

A thesis is not a simple essay. It is the culmination of your post-graduate work, and you need an expert who can properly handle it. For this reason, our writers are graduates themselves with a keen interest in writing; hence they can deliver the best. Additionally, we do regular retraining to keep them up to date with current academic standards. They also do this on a timely basis hence our popularity amongst students. 

4.     24/7 Online Thesis Writing Services

We cater to students from all over the globe. As a result, we operate on a 24/7 basis to answer your inquiries or process an order, no matter your time zone. This is because we have staff working on a shift basis; hence our site is always manned. 

5.     Free revisions

Your instructor may want you to present the best possible work, so they will push you to do your best by offering advice on what to correct. Unlike other service providers, we will gladly change your document to fit your needs at no additional cost, and all you need to do is contact us to request your free revision. This is because you can trust us to be with you every step of the way until you complete your academic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation?

The difference between a thesis and a dissertation is the educational level at which they are undertaken. A thesis is done towards the end of a master’s program, while a dissertation is for a Ph.D.

2.     What happens if I fail my thesis? Can I retake it?

Yes! However, it is relatively rare to fail one’s thesis as you will be asked to correct it instead. Fortunately, you can only fail your thesis in a few circumstances, such as if it is plagiarized, you fall out with your advisor, you lose interest, or you are unable to submit it.

3.     Is a thesis harder than a dissertation?

No! For most students, a dissertation requires lengthier and in-depth research leading to new discoveries, while a thesis just looks into already known information and expounds on it.

4.     Can I copyright my dissertation? 

Yes! While it is not necessary, the process costs $35 and is filed with the US Copyright Office


In summary, a thesis is a piece of academic writing done toward the end of one’s Master's education. It is used to gauge a student's learning and aims to advance existing research within a particular discipline. The format applied is similar to the typical long-form academic essay with an introduction, chapters one through seven, and a conclusion, in addition to having references, figures, and an appendix. 

Many students struggle with this and often seek help from us, the best thesis writing service provider, which offers writing expertise at affordable prices. Not only does this relieve them, but it also helps them pass their course. If you would also like to experience this peace of mind and assurance of success, place your thesis paper order with us today and begin your journey to a better thesis starting today!

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