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Have you been in search of the best essay writing service money can buy? Worry no more because you have found the premier service of choice for thousands of students. If you’ve interacted with us before, you’re probably ready to place your order here based on your previous experience, but if you’re new, you may want to learn more first. 

Whether you are an undergraduate, Master, or Ph.D. student, you can benefit from our expert services, so please keep reading to find out more about essay writing and our pay for essay services in relation to it.

What Is An Essay?

An essay is a piece of writing that focuses on a specific topic. It may seek to analyze or interpret something, mainly from the writer’s point of view. One should present a well-thought argument in an essay, as it can contribute to studies within that field. Over the course of your education, your instructor will require you to write a custom essay on many occasions to gauge your learning capabilities.

Types Of Essays

There are several types of essays, with each being used to accomplish something different. Below are the varied essay types you may request when you place an order with us and the different goals they seek to accomplish.

1. Expository essay

This essay type involves facts only, and the writer does not include their perspective. Its intention is to explain and describe, thereby informing the reader. Using a focused outline in this essay type is necessary as it allows you to focus on the factual details. Teachers use it to test student understanding, and it tends to have a neutral tone.

2. Narrative essay

The purpose of a narrative essay is to present the writer’s personal experience by providing vivid imagery and details. It is written from the first-person or third-person perspective and includes vivid imagery and sensory details to draw the reader in and have them experience the essay as if they were there. In such an essay, you should focus on the plot, which includes developing your characters, presenting a setting, and leading up to a climax.

3. Descriptive essay

This essay genre describes, in detail, certain traits of objects, people, and phenomena. For example, when writing about a historical event, you could include the events leading up to it, how it started, how it ended, and the resulting consequences, both good and bad. To write a good descriptive essay, formulate an interesting hook that draws the reader to develop a custom essay from there.

4. Argumentative essay

When asked to write an argumentative essay, you are required to present your perspective on a topic and support your argument using sources. Your evidence can be varied and sourced from peer-reviewed journals, statistics, reports, conference papers, and any other reputable media. However, it should begin by presenting both sides, then pick an argument and support these claims.

The 9 Best Tips To Write A Good Essay

1. Read the instructions carefully

These details will provide insight into the type of essay, preferred citation style, and deadline. Looking at this information allows you to plan on when to start without being late and the level of preparation you require. 

2. Form an outline

Once you assess the details, form a structure related to the topic, such as portioning the introduction, body, and conclusion of your essay note down some key points you feel can enhance your essay. 

3. Find reputable sources

Academic papers require students to use citations to support the argument. Some sources are either too old or are not peer-reviewed; hence the information might be unreliable. Sites with a collection of peer review journals, such as Google scholar and Science Direct are excellent for this, as well as sites that post statistics such as McKinsey.

4. Use technical terms but don’t overdo them.

While using technical terms can help express your knowledge of the topic and are more precise than general terms, avoid overdoing it, as it impacts the readability. In cases where you can use simpler terms to make it easier for less educated audiences to read your work, do it. It is also easier to make mistakes when you use more complex terms, as you may adopt them in the wrong context.

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5. Develop a good thesis statement

A thesis statement summarizes the main point your essay tries to make. You mention it after presenting the topic briefly at the end of the introduction paragraph. Usually, it contains a limited subject, precise opinion, and a short explanation of reasons. It will help you align what ideas to focus on in the paper, and it should be arguable, assert your opinion on the topic, and have sufficient data to fulfill the word count requirement.

6. Use simple sentences 

Express your points using short and clear sentences since they break down information for readers and minimize the risk of grammatical errors. Short sentences that connect ideas allow for better reading, as longer sentences can mix up several contradicting ideas or leave little room for an explanation of each element.

7. Proofread and edit

While you can use online editing tools to check for any mistakes, you can benefit from reading through the entire essay, as this allows you to check for logical errors. This also provides the opportunity to add more ideas or points that can improve the essay, as well as remove fluff content that adds no value.

8. Ask for assistance

Your peers and instructors can offer specialized advice on how to improve your tone and flow, so feel free to ask them. For instructors, try to set some time for a meeting or send an email to receive assistance since they might be busy. They can also offer guidance on how to organize your ideas, leading to better writing over time.

9. Use an essay writing service.

If you lack time and skills, you can hire an essay writer online from services such as ours by registering here. These individuals are trained on and therefore familiar with how to write essays of all types, so they can deliver a good service that will assure you of good grades and provide guidance.

Where Can You Get Essay Writing Services?

Many students have heard about online essay writing help but are unsure of how to go about it. For one, there are many scammers who offer poor-quality papers after taking your money. You also run the risk of hiring a writer with no expertise in your niche, risking failure. For these reasons, you should seek a reliable service with no fake reviews to mislead you. But what should you look for when looking for a cheap essay writing service? Let’s find out in the next section.

How Can You Find The Best Essay Writing Service?

When looking for a service provider, one should consider several factors. However, some of these are dependent on the industry since each service has different benchmarks for quality. Our firm, in particular, is known for delivering high quality because we observe these standards. With regard to services that allow you to pay for essay writing, we stand out from the crowd because:

1. Affordable pricing

With our firm, you can price your assignment based on your budget and then have writers bid on your project depending on their expertise. This allows you to save money since there is no fixed rate, but be sure to quote a reasonable amount that will properly reward the writer for handling your work.

2. Plagiarism-free work

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that can prevent you from advancing in your studies. While some students wrongly believe that plagiarism is only the copying of others' work verbatim with no citations, it can also involve plagiarizing your earlier work, borrowing phrases, or misquoting the sources. As such, an expert can help you avoid this.

3. Free unlimited revisions

Once your order is complete, you can download and review it for any errors. If you feel unsatisfied, you can request edits from the writer at no extra cost. The corrected version will be delivered to you at an agreed time, depending on the extent of changes needed.

4. 24/7 Essay Writing Service Delivery

No matter which country you live in or whatever time you come across our website, you can rest assured that you can make an inquiry or place an order immediately since we operate 24/7. We also have a team of writers that operates on shifts that can offer assistance on whichever topic you are currently studying.

5. Different services

Some of our clients are not interested in finding cheap essay writing services. As a result, we also offer exam prep or tutoring services. The exam prep allows them to ace exams, while tutoring leads to better concept internalization, especially for technical subjects. For this, you can select a few hours of service with an expert of your choice and then choose a date depending on your convenience.

How Much Does Essay Writing Services Cost?

The price of your essay depends on its length, complexity, and deadline. Usually, a one-page essay will cost anywhere from $10-15, which depends on its urgency and subject. An urgent paper is one that has a one-day deadline or shorter and is understandably more expensive. This is the same case with longer papers such as dissertations which cost more since your chosen writer will have to dedicate themselves for weeks.

On the other hand, a tutoring session focusing on your preferred subject will be charged depending on the hours and level of expertise required. For one, an hour costs between $50-200 dollars, so you can book this highly-rated service depending on your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are essay writing services legit?

Yes! Our company is fully registered, and aside from revisions, we also offer refunds if the assignment was canceled or if there is an issue that we cannot resolve. As such, you can trust us as we are reliable service providers.

2. Are your essay writing service experts familiar with different citation styles?

Yes! Our writers are familiar with APA, Chicago/Turabian, MLA, IEEE, Bluebook, CSE, AMA, Harvard, and OSCOLA. Each is used in different disciplines, so your instructor may request a certain style consistently.

3. Can your writers help with practical exams?

Yes! We have experts in subjects such as chemistry, physics, computing, and biology that can offer technical expertise. Just place an order and attach the experiment results or project details, and we will handle your project ASAP.

4. I have a long project but not enough money. Do you take partial payments?

Yes! While payment for short projects is after delivery and approval, longer projects will require you to pay a percentage when we deliver a portion of the work. For example, if you have a 40-page project and would like to submit 20 pages to your instructor for pre-viewing, you will be requested to pay for each section you approve.

5. How do I get started with your essay writing help?

Register with your email, then click on the confirmation link sent to your inbox. Afterward, our essay writer online system will present an option to place an order and upload instructional documents. State your budget and wait for writers to bid on it. Afterward, you can choose one writer who will promptly begin your order. Upon delivery, confirms its quality, then pay for your order and rate us.


In closing, an essay is very common in academia as it helps students demonstrate their knowledge and develop their writing skills. Your instructor may request you to write an argumentative, expository, narrative, or descriptive essay, and some students lack the proper skills or time to ace this. This is because they either cannot cite correctly, develop logical and unique arguments, or flow their writing. 

As such, these students seek an essay writing service such as ours, which promises quality at affordable prices. Additionally, clients can also expect free revisions and plagiarism-free content for every order. This has made us a service provider popular amongst thousands of students globally, and you, too, can experience the premium services we offer. To begin, simply click the link and place your order for better grades starting today.

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