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In this guide, let's define the term dissertation, the format of writing a dissertation, common formatting errors students make, and answer several frequently asked questions.

What's a Dissertation Paper?

A dissertation is a detailed academic document that summarizes research and experiments at the final stage of a Ph.D. program. This document finalizes one's doctoral studies and determines your overall grade. Dissertation tests mastery of a student's knowledge and application of practical skills.

You may decide to research a new field or expand on other scholars' studies. So, to present your results or findings, you need to learn the purpose and how to write this academic paper.

There are two types of dissertation papers: empirical and non-empirical. An empirical paper means you will conduct original research and gather relevant data. This research relies on the belief that direct observation of a phenomenon accurately measures reality and finds the truth. On the other hand, non-empirical means the exact opposite, that you are examining other people's work and finding the gaps. In case you are searching for dissertation writing services usa, we are here for you. Contact us; we are just a click away.

What's the Purpose of a Dissertation Paper?

When pursuing a doctoral degree, the program's main aim is to transform you into an independent researcher. Therefore, much of the coursework is about how to carry out research. As you finish coursework, you should select a research topic and create a proposal. Therefore, our doors are open if you are at this stage and need someone to hold your hand. Reach out to us, and we will offer the best help.

Some of the significance of this document include the following;

  • It allows you to explore your interest area deeply
  • Allows you to demonstrate your accuracy and examination skills in discussing an issue
  • It gives you a platform to manage a critical project from the beginning to the end
  • It helps you apply knowledge and skills learned in coursework
  • It gives you an experience of the knowledge production process

What's the Structure of a Dissertation?

Like other pieces of academic writing, such as descriptive essays, literature reviews, and case studies, this document has a unique structure. You can't present more than 100pages of content in a block. The paper should have sub-headings or sections that you will discuss. These sub-divisions make the document presentable and easy to read.

These sections are as follows;

Front and Back Parts

  1. Title page
  2. Signature page
  3. Copyright page
  4. Abstract
  5. Dedication page
  6. Acknowledgments page
  7. Table of contents
  8. Glossary of terms
  9. Appendices
  10. Bibliography
  11. Supplemental materials like a list of figures and tables
  12. An index

Dissertation Body

This second part has five different chapters as follows;

1. Introduction(15-25 pages)

The introduction summarizes the research topic, its purpose, and its relevance. So, it answers the following questions to the reader about the research, what, how, and why. Make sure your introduction incorporates the following details;</p

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  • List the research questions and objectives and the plan to achieve them
  • Define the research topic and give its background information
  • Describe the research scope and narrow it to the focus area
  • Give a summary of the paper and a preview of the following chapters
  • Explain how your research topic is relevant in our times

2. Literature Review(20-25 pages)

In this section, analyze other people's work on your topic. This section forms a framework as you analyze the key concepts, theories, and models that apply to the research. So, your review should have the following;

  • Gaps noticed during the analysis and evaluation of the research topic
  • Focus on the existing methodology and recent approach to the topic
  • Raise a theoretical argument on the topic
  • Give a unique solution
  • Support the existing knowledge with data

3. Methodology(10-15 pages)

This part describes the procedures and methods you used to collect and analyze data. So, the section answers the "how" question of the research topic. As a result, you should discuss how you researched for your reader to understand the process.

Therefore, methodology aims to accurately report what your research entails and why your methods are the best. Then, show the audience how these methods have answered the research questions and objectives.

 So, ensure as you write this section, you include these;

  • Details of when and where you conducted the research and the participants involved.
  • Explain your research type and approach,e.g., quantitative, experimental, qualitative, etc.
  • Ways of collecting data like interviews, surveys, archives
  • Analysis methods like statistical analysis
  • Tools and materials used in research like lab equipment, computer software
  • Challenges faced during the research and their solutions
  • Evaluation and justification of the methods.

4. Results(5-10 pages)

This chapter includes a report of the results and findings from the research. You discuss the relevant results to the research question. You should always ensure you mention the following;

  • Conclusion on the findings from your research
  • Use materials that will help the audience understand your work
  • Use tables, charts, and graphs to help visualize and add value to our report. ( If you feel that the figures aren't related to your research, you can always add them in the appendix)

4. Discussion(15-20pages)

Discussion is the last chapter of the dissertation. It entails interpreting the results while incorporating facts from the literature review, methodology, and results. Include these details in the discussion;

  • Explain how the results meet the research question expectations
  • How do the results diversify the present evidence based on your topic?
  • Are there any unexpected results? List them and explain why.
  • Have a different discussion of the data and form a wider view of the topic
  • Challenges that affected the results
  • Give advice on future research or practical action

The sections above form the structure of a dissertation paper. We are used to writing these chapters and incorporating your ideas into the content. Hire us for the best dissertation help.

Why Do Students Seek Dissertation Writing Services?

Most students find dissertation paper complex, and they encounter challenges while writing. These challenges push them to the wall, and their way out is to seek writing help. So, some of the reasons that make them seek these services are;

  • Lack of solid writing skills – unlike other types of academic documents, a dissertation is very long and thus requires exposure in the writing niche.
  • Inadequate technical skills – To format this paper correctly, you should have solid MS word skills to insert the figures and tables and align them accordingly. Then, again, you need to have data analysis skills and learn how to use various data software.
  • Lack of motivation to research– a dissertation requires in-depth research on a topic to answer research questions and objectives.
  • Some select a broad topic – which becomes hectic to find a focus area. A broad topic is hard to break down and even narrows your chances of a successful defense. If you are going through all these challenges, then it's best to ask for help. It's more prudent to seek help and have an easy moment presenting your research.

Which Dissertation Writing Services Do We Offer?

When you approach us, all your dissertation problems will vanish. We will offer you the following services;

  • Capstone and dissertation writing services
  • Dissertation literature review writing services
  • Dissertation topic and title research service
  • Introductory writing service or dissertation proposal
  • Masters dissertation writing services
  • D.dissertationwriting services

Which are the Most Common Mistakes that Students Make in a Dissertation Report?

Dissertation writing isn't an easy task for students as it carries many academic values. The paper may be your first publication determining your mastery of content as a scholar. Again, it determines your final grade for the doctoral degree, so it calls for hard work.

 Due to all this pressure, most students find themselves making the following formatting errors:

  • Pagination errors – students tend to number their pages incorrectly. The front parts of the report should have roman numerals. The copyright and title page shouldn't be numbered. The first numbering should start at the abstract as (iii).

The dissertation body should have Arabic numbers like 1,2,3, and the first page should start with the number one. All the page numbers should be centered either at the top or bottom of the page.

  • Omission of the DAC(Dissertation acceptance certificate) –this page should appear as the top page and a scanned copy. The page shouldn't be numbered or counted. In case you have a signed DAC copy, remember to upload it as a document, as advised.
  • Failure to match the details on the DAC and title page. Remember, the author and title's name should match on both pages and follow the same order. For instance, if starting with the surname on DAC, let the same appear on the title page.
  • Formatting errors in the abstract details – this happens mostly on the author's and advisor's names. Ensure the advisor's name appears as left-justified and the authors as right-justified. You are only allowed to list a maximum of two author names. Doble space the abstract, name the page "Abstract," and number it as roman.
  • Misplacement of figures and tables. Remember, these illustrations should appear as closer to their first mention as possible. For any illustrations that go beyond one page, make sure to label them. All the figures that you use should have different numbers.
  • For supplemental figures and tables – always place them at the back of the paper in the appendix.
  • Missing permission copyright letters - ensure you upload them as a supplemental file.

For general formatting tips on your dissertation paper, check on this. You can still check more details on how to submit the dissertation and extra formatting tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Seek Dissertation Writing Services?

Yes, you can always hire dissertation help when you get stuck. We offer the best writing help that students wouldn't want to miss. We will walk with you throughout to ensure you grasp all the research concepts, understand your data and the results and even learn how to present the paper to the panel. As that's not enough, we do the formatting for you and even offer extra revisions that may arise after submission.

What are the Best Dissertation Writing Services Near Me?

We are the most sought-after dissertation services company. We deliver our services globally, and they are accessible and affordable. There's no need to keep searching for dissertation guidance online since getting a legit service is very hectic. We have served a pool of happy clients who always write good service reviews for us. So, place an order with us today, and you won't regret the decision.

Is Seeking Dissertation Writing Services Cheating?

No, seeking writing help isn't cheating or academic misconduct. Instead, as experts, we involve you in the writing process: you become part and parcel of the knowledge production. From the start, we allow you to give your ideas on the research, structure, and data analysis and even brainstorm on the issues that may arise.

This engagement helps you understand the fundamental research and writing process; thus, you can easily defend yourself to the panel. Again, we have a team of mentors that counsels you on presenting your research, so you don't have to fear anything.

What's the Difference Between a Dissertation and a Thesis?

A dissertation is an academic document that you write after the doctoral degree. The document is lengthy and involves in-depth research on a specific topic. While a thesis is an academic paper that one writes and presents to a panel during the Master's degree. Both papers may have the same sections, but the degree programs bring the difference.

The above definition applies in the USA, but it's a bit different in the UK. A thesis document usually refers to a doctoral degree, while a dissertation is mainly for undergraduate and master levels. So, no matter your country, our experts know these differences and the rules that apply.


 Dissertation writing help comes in handy for many students, especially when facing many challenges. However, as mentioned above, some students lack the technical skills to format, align figures and tables, or even do data analysis and interpretation.

If facing some of the challenges above, don't wallow in thoughts. Instead, request our credible paper help, and we will deliver.

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Dissertation Writing Services

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